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Q1. Is face to face interaction with Pooja required?

A1. No, face to face interaction is not required. Clients from across the globe are consulting on calls, whatsapp, emails etc.

Q2. How do I sign up for the program?

Q3. How can I pay?

A3. You can pay by account transfer or Paytm.

Q1. How much weight will I loose per month? How soon will I see results?

A1. Fat loss depends on a number of factors like your compliance with the meal plan, how much you cheat, what kind of eating pattern you have been following in the past, how much you support the diet with your exercise and whether or not there are any accompanying hormonal problems involved. Results can be measured in terms of fat loss, inch loss, weight/muscle gain (if that is your goal), better fitting clothes, improvement in digestion, energy levels, stamina, better exercise performance, better looking skin, reduction in hairfall, regularity of your menstrual cycle, reduced PMS etc.

Q2. I travel frequently. How will the diet plan accommodate my schedule?

A2. Apart from your regular diet plan, you will be guided on how to design your own meal plan during travel. Depending on whether you have access to some limited cooking or you entirely eat from hotels/ restaurants, you will be guided to choose the best from the available options.

Q3. I stay in a hostel/ I don’t have access to elaborate home cooked meals. Can you help?

A3. Depending on whether you have access to some limited cooking, you will be guided how to choose from the available options. Most hostel canteens/ mess have basic healthy options like dal-chawal, chapatti, subzi etc.

Q4. Does the diet plan accommodate for food allergies or veg- non veg preference?

A4. Yes, these are kept in mind while designing the diet plan.

Q5. Do I need to exercise?

A5. Exercise is advisable for each one of us, irrespective of the fact whether you want to lose weight/ gain weight or neither. The idea is to progressively challenge your limits. Start with any kind of exercises that you enjoy or feel you can do comfortably and gradually increase the duration and intensity of exercise.